A downloadable game for Windows and macOS


MultiCore is a plattformer game made in the Unity game engine and programmed in the C# programming language. This is not a normal plattformer it's a plattformer where you can't jump but instead you change and manipulate gravity. You play as a robot who is basically looking for a way out of the cave that the game takes place in. On your way through you will encounter various enemies as Skeletons, giant hybrid humans and flying eyeballs. The game was cut short due to lack of passion for the project but i decided to finish and tie it up as it was before I completely lost all passion for the game. Note: Theres a typo in the menu and I noticed after I finished building all the versions.

    Version 1.1 PatchList

  • Fixed some optimization issues
  • Fixed so that level 6 is now completable
  • Added a quit button to the menu and when you pause
  • Made the mute button more reliable

Install instructions

Just match the OS you have and if you have windows then match up the versions to be either 64 or 32 bit. Open the zip files and then execute the .exe file if windows and if Mac then just run the .app file. To quit just do a command quit on mac or command quit on Windows


MultiCore Mac OS X Version 1.1.zip 21 MB
MultiCore Windows 32bit Version 1.1 .zip 47 MB
MultiCore Windows 64bit Version 1.1 .zip 46 MB